budapest pub crawls

The top 10 Best Pub Crawls in Europe. Making a Eurotrip is a unique experience for backpackers, and one of the main things we are looking for, when we make a trip, is to have local experience 🤓. After booking hostales in your favorite city, there’s nothing better than look for the wild nightlife. Here you have the list of the best bar crawls in Europe to live unforgettable moments.

Pub Crawl Berlin

Making a free tour in Berlin on a sunny morning is one of the best ways to know the history of the city 🌞.  On the Berlin walking tours you will go through the same paths of the soldiers of the Battle of Berlin.  Which was the last great and the last battle in Europe during World War II.

This city has become world-famous not only for its history. Few things are more fun than the Berlin pub crawls. The “Pub crawl Berlin” has this kind of unique and energetic vibe. 🍾 The elegant bars and famous clubs where the electro-music era started can be found here. Let’s say that the Germans are very good hosts to have a crazy party until mornings.

berlin pub crawls


Berlin pub crawls

Pub Crawl Budapest

Always a free Budapest tour of the city is highly recommended at the beginning of your trip. In this way you can learn about manners, culture and history. 📸 Visit the Hungarian Parliament, see the monument ‘Shoes on the Danube Bank’ and Cross the Chain Bridge are must do things.

When the famous “Blue night” arrives, making a pub crawl in Budapest is something that you can’t miss. The city has a lot of vibes, the famous “ruin bars” brings to customers artisanal beers of high quality for less than 2€ 🍺. Budapest is one of those cities that have the European magic and one of the favorite travel destinations of the millennial backpackers.

budapest pub crawls


Budapest pub crawls Best Pub Crawls in Europe

Pub Crawl Praga

If your next trip destination is Prague we have to tell you that this city can offer much more of what you can expect. This amazing city history dates back over a thousand years. It has unique medieval streets leading to the Prague castle, an ideal place for Instagram pictures to share with friends. You can enjoy a pork Knuckle in the old Jewish Ghetto.

The Erasmus Praga party in some castles is a nice way to get to know new people of the semester. But if you are not a student, the bar-hopping in Praga is an authentic nightlife experience. The bars are claimed to have the best beer in the world and the huge amount of bars in the city with such lagers and craft beers make this pub crawl one of the Best Pub Crawls in Europe 🍻🍻🍻.

pub crawl in prague


Pub crawl in Prague

Pub Crawl Viena

Few times people can say that Vienna is a boring city once they try the pub crawls that are realized there. 🧐 Vienna is like heaven in central Europe and is still a popular backpacker destination. Easily you can find the must do’s in Vienna like the Schonbrunn Palace, the Hofburg Palace or St Stephen’s Cathedral.

What makes Vienna a favorite backpacker place is its wild night and the pubcrawls they are made here. The body shots can be easily found in every bar where you will find a kissing contest and pole dancers😈. This kind of bar crawls is gonna lead you to a night that you will never forget. We recommend you to make one during the summer season.

Pub crawl in Vienna


Pub crawl in Vienna

Pub Crawl Bruselas

The waffles and Belgian chocolate 🍫 are world-famous but is the Belgian beer and way to party that brings the backpackers to the yard. Getting creative with their beer and brewers make the Belgians renowned.

On a Brussels pub crawl the people can experiment with over 1,000 beers 🍺. Raspberry, strawberry, mango beer are the favorite ones of truism that go party hard. Just be careful to don’t drink too fast or you will end up really drunk before you even finish the full tour and you will have to crawl to your hostel🥴.

Pub Crawl in Bruselas


Pub Crawl in Bruselas Best Pub Crawls in Europe

Pub Crawl Barcelona

Barcelona’s nightlife is something to take seriously. The people take the Spanish siesta to recover the energy as part of the lifestyle and party really well all night. After a typical dinner of tapas tour, that is around 10 pm, the people start to go to bars ending up in magnificent clubs 🤯.

Barcelona pub crawls will lead you into the world-famous clubs and the international atmosphere makes this pub crawl one of our favorites on the list. In summer it is easy to end up on the beach taking a nice nap after a party until the mornings, And you can make small stops during the pub crawl to eat some tapas from 1 euro to don’t get really drunk ⛱.

pub crawl barcelona


Pub crawl Barcelona

Pub Crawl Madrid

The city of Madrid has really nice atmosphere and is normal to see everyday people in the best rooftop bars Madrid taking drinks and enjoying a sunny day. There are many tips of things to do in Madrid at night that the locals can bring you. All of them are going to recommend you, for sure, to make a pubcrawl. The absolute most important thing on your European trip is a pub crawl in Madrid. This cosmopolitan and fancy city offers a lot of options, including a rooftop bars. A pub crawl in Madrid is something like a sangria tour 🍷🍷🍷. The Erasmus atmosphere makes this city the city of feast and sin. Every day you can meet a huge number of people who want to have fun in the Spanish style. One of the best Pub Crawls in Europe which you can attend

The avant-garde nightclubs for thousands of people are the final point in this bar crawl 💃💃💃. Open bars of beer and shots everywhere make this experience something unforgettable in your life. Madrid is a really safe city so the people are usually more focused on flirting and dancing all night. In a pub crawl you will end up in Kpital nightclub, which is one of the biggest in all the world. Don’t miss your opportunity to get fun enjoying bars open Madrid.

pub crawl in madrid


Pub crawl in Madrid one of Best Pub Crawls in Europe

Pub Crawl Dublín

The Irish are well now for their drinking knowledge, so this can be the main reason for pub crawl with them 😎. There is a Temple Bar district where all the nice stuff happens on the traditional Irish bars offering liters and liters of beer. Some Dublin’s hostel are well organized to make hostel pub crawls with drinking games like beer pong before finishing in a silent disco.

If you are the person that likes the beer this can be one of your favorite pub crawls. The Irish pub crawl is famous for the exciting pub culture, so it’s not surprising that Europe’s oldest pub crawl.

dublin pub crawl


Dublin pub craw

Pub Crawl Paris

After spending all day visiting emblematic places like the Eiffel Tower 🗼, the Louvre Museum and the Notre Dame Cathedral it’s time to party hard. The small town is one of the expensive in Europe, so making a pub crawl is a really nice idea when a backpacker wants to party in a not so expensive way 🍸.

A big drawback of these tours is that they do not take place every day, they usually only run on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. If you are on vacation in Paris, do not hesitate to join one of these tours to get the most out of your Parisian stay.

Paris pub crawl


Paris pub crawl

Pub Crawl Cracovia

It’s well known that every backpacker that visits Krakow is going to have a great time. In the old town, there is a bar in every corner. Here is where the vodka shots are not waiting to be tasted in different colors and scents. On a Cracovia pub crawl you need to be aware to don’t take it seriously, the free vodka shoots are not for everyone. At least you will be all night with local Polish guys that can help you with some shots 🥃. Enjoy the Best Pub Crawls in Europe alone or with friends. Take advantage of your Halloween in Madrid with an amazing scare party.

pub crawl cracow


Pub crawl Cracow
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