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Halloween in Madrid 2024

Halloween in Madrid is celebrated in different ways as it is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Here live people from different cultures and traditions who share unique festivities on these holidays. From 30 October to 1 November in Madrid, there are currently common desserts, such as saint’s bones and also fritters. Typical Halloween pumpkins, or bread for the Day of the Dead and also sugar skulls heads. There are awesome catrinas and people dressing with custom arround the differente street festivals that are in Madrid those days. Theme parks, dining establishments, Halloween party and a lot of people. Altogether it is part of a great combination of Spanish, Anglo-Saxon and Mexican cultural festivities.

Does Madrid Celebrate Halloween?

 Yes, there are different types of Halloween celebrations in Madrid depending on the day and the area where you are. Don’t forget to take a look and go to:

All Saints' Day:

Burial grounds in Madrid have plenty of colors on All Saints’ Day. Unique and blossom flowers are laid on the tombs. Particular niches and also pantheons of the familiars who are in another life are full of colorful flowers. Everywhere you will find a lot of life so as not to stop remembering anyone. Going Through La Almudena Burial ground ends up being a flowery trip. A trip with historical background, art and also the final resting area of several of the nation’s most popular personalities.

halloween in Madrid

Saint's Bones:

The bones of the saint are the typical and very traditional sweets or cakes of this celebration. They contain an infinite number of flavors. Saint’s bones full of sweet egg yolk cream are simply delicious. Made in different shapes and colors for all tastes, they are ideal to try with children. Don’t feel bad about consuming too much. The Spanish and Madrileñan tradition says that, when you consume a fritter, your spirit is saved from purgatory. So eat as many as you can. You can try these delicious homemade Halloween candies at cake shops in Madrid!. Cake shops like La Mallorquina or Repostería Tradicional Buñuelos located near sol are the best you can choose.

fingers saints

Don Juan Tenorio Performing

The story begins in the days of Carnival and ends on the Day of the Dead. Don Juan is a seducer who flouts all established social values. When he meets and fell in love with Doña Inés all his life changes. You can see this impressive theatrical play in the Archbishop’s Palace of Alcala de Henares (world heritage city by UNESCO). This theatrical tradition has been celebrated there for more than 35 years. If you are a fan of the theater or would like to live a different experience, do not forget to come.

on Juan Tenorio Performing

Is Halloween Big in Madrid?

Halloween in Madrid is an incredible party where there are activities for all people. Activities for children, adults and young people looking for wild fun. Among the best plans in Madrid to celebrate Halloween we recommend:

The Zoo Fish tank Faunia parks:

The zoo has also prepared its tourist attractions for Halloween. Consider visiting it with the youngest children in the family from the beginning of October until Halloween on November 1.

Trick or Treat on Sweet-Space:

Sweet Space is like heaven for lovers of sweets and chocolates. It’s also wonderful for enthusiasts and fans of the trick-or-treat deal. Halloween is commemorated at the ABC Serrano business center with “HalloSweet”. It’s a great day to hang around downtown in costume for sugary desserts the traditional trick-or-treat method. This plan is also very recommended to make with family with kids and young people.

sweet space madrid

Amusement park horror house:

This is a legendary passage of fear and horror. Has actually terrified a lot of hundreds of visitors and is open only on these special days. In 2023, it will certainly remain to frighten visitors, as will certainly the scary experiences in various other passages. You can visit the Scary’s Movie theater, the scary tomb of Nosferatu. For the bravest, the macabre scenarios full of zombies are available in The Strolling Dead Experience and the Asylum experience. You will find yourself inside a psychiatric facility, where people take part in the real action. What we must say is that it is not suitable for young children who will be very scared of it. For the little ones you have different options ideal for them to enjoy this magnificent day. Make as well a awesome Halloween Party Barcelona

halloween atraction park

A Scary Ghost Tour in Madrid:

Thanks to this excursion, you will certainly find the tales as well as tormented spirits that stroll around the streets. Beginning at 8pm in Plaza de Cibeles and finishing at 10pm in Plaza de Santo Domingo. This ghost tour includes a visit to the Linares Royal residence, head office of the Casa de America. Casa de America has actually been the topic of a variety of real and documented paranormal research studies. The legendary Residence of the 7 Chimneys, whose walls and ceilings tell scary stories that will make your hair stand. The bravest spirits can choose to check out the Burial ground Mystery, a route through La Almudena Burial Ground. You will certainly find the burial places of widely known people. There are also frightening tales of criminal activity as well as misfortune told by a professional guide.

Enigmatium room Madrid:

In the centre of Madrid, it is feasible to have an initial dinner in a dining establishment situated in a former bunker from the Spanish Civil Battle. It is an experience and also a escape room that lasts approximately 3 hrs, where it is required to solve enigmas as well as puzzles to run away at the end of the night. This is another enjoyable activity for all family members with children. Games include The Sanctuary, in which players must travel back in time to experience a genuine story as well as all over the world in which a series of assaults is cleaning significant cities out.

La Casa de los Horrores:

Situated in Aranjuez, this country residence of horror is the very best known in Spain, whose stories and also activities have actually been reported in the media. It is a distinct location thanks to its area as well as legends that shock site visitors. It is an experience that consists of a dinner with a free bar, show, karaoke, video games as well as computer animation, enigmas and also a diptych to solve the trouble.

horror house escape room

A Halloween Party in Madrid:

If you are looking to party with friends from school or work, you should go to a Halloween party pub crawl. In this type of activity for adults you will have a lot of fun while meeting new people from all over the world. It consists of going through a route of bars and clubs. 4 venues are visited throughout the night that include entrance and tequila shots as well as bottles of cabbage for those who dress up best. In Madrid during this weekend the prices of tickets to nightclubs increase considerably, so doing one of these bar crawls is ideal to save money and to have fun in a very original way. We recommend to make this Halloween party Madrid with your friends

halloween pub crawl madrid

Where is Halloween celebrated in Madrid?

This magnificent day is celebrated throughout Madrid, but if what you are looking for is a lot of people, the most visited neighborhoods during this night are Lavapies and Huertas. Near the center is also the house of Mexico where the typical catrinas and altars of the Mexican dead are. This impressive and colorful celebration is suitable for all public and is created in a traditional way as it is done in Mexico. Frida Kahlo once claime that she really hoped that when she passed away, she would certainly never ever go back to the earthly globe. Nevertheless, in Mexico, the Day of the Dead is commemorated stylishly due to the fact that it is believed that the spirits of enjoyed ones return on this particular day and also for that reason, they rate with their preferred food as well as beverages.

Do people dress up for Halloween in Madrid?

You will be surprised to see so many people dressed up, you will feel that you are in a festival. In fact, people who go out without costume in the center of Madrid are seen with strange eyes. If you are going to be here these days, we recommend that you put on your favorite costume at night, either catrina or vampire. Even some character from your favorite series. Many nightlife venues and restaurants in the center give prizes to the most original and fun costumes. It is all a celebration in which you will end up taking many photographs. You will be surprised with the great imagination and creativity that many people have when choosing a costume ready to buy in black Friday in Madrid.

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