Kapital Madrid, What a night! People usually say that it’s the best club in Madrid without any doubt. The people only find nice drinks, avant-garde music, and really gentlemen staff. There is a rooftop bar on the 7th floor where you can take a cigarette and recover energy to party hard again. We don’t have more words to describe the place because it’s difficult to explain how funny it is. You need to live the experience in your own way by visiting all the floors full of pure fun!. If you’re in Madrid and want to have a fantastic night, this is the place that you should visit.

Kapital madrid tickets

Purchasing tickets for Teatro Kapital can be done in a few different ways. You can buy them directly at the venue on the night, Keep in mind that popular events might sell out quickly. Alternatively, you can get your tickets online from their official website, which can save you some time at the door. Tickets usually range between 25€ to 40€ and most often include one or two drinks.

However, joining our Madrid Pub Crawl simplifies this process immensely, and here’s why. As part of our pub crawl, we often end the night at a high-note at Teatro Kapital. Not only do we guarantee your entry, but we also provide exclusive deals that are typically better than standard ticket prices. This includes fast track entry – no long queues or waiting times – which maximizes your night out.

Additionally, Madrid Pub Crawl is not just about the final destination, but also the journey. We curate a rich nightlife experience, introducing you to Madrid’s diverse bar scene, and leading you to meet new people from around the globe. You get to enjoy a guided tour of the city’s nightlife, with stops at various unique venues, before ending at Teatro Kapital.

So, why bother with the hassle of securing your Kapital Madrid tickets when you can join our Madrid Pub Crawl?. Enjoy an all-rounded, hassle-free, and thrilling night out in one of the world’s most vibrant cities. Can’t wait to show you the magic of Madrid’s nightlife!

Kapital Spain Opening Hours

Kapital Madrid opening hours are like other nightclub in Spain. Opens ONLY from Thursday to Saturday FROM 12 TO 5:30 AM. Its close Wednesday night and close Sunday night, even though some people want to party over there these days. As well there are some events like New years eve where Kapital nightclub Madrid opening hours change from 12 middle night till 6:30 am.

Kapital Madrid Guest List

Is important to mention that a guest list doesn’t bring free access. Actually, there’s nobody in all of Spain that can bring you these. But with our Guestlist, you have a good access discount. Instead of paying 25 € you pay just 18 € on Kapital Madrid Club prices and you can enter at any time you want.

Kapital Nightclub Table & Bottle Service

Drinks are very expensive but this can only be expected at a premium venue in Madrid. If you are those who want to be comfortable at a table and drink at a fair price the best option is a Bottle of your favorite brand. 

Kapital Madrid Cover Charge 

Getting inside Kapital Theater Madrid, also known as “la capital Madrid”, will cost 25 – 30 Euros. Usually Kapital Madrid Cover rises depending on the time you arrive. If you and your friends are the 1st ones to access it, at 12:00, the cover will be 18 Euros. Kapital club Madrid entry fee is so cheap because doesn’t open until midnight and at that time the place is empty. We think is worth it to party before in other bars with free drinks and then go to live the experience. The music and dancing were great on all levels and the atmosphere is lots of fun. 

In our Pub Crawl you will have free access included to Kapital Madrid. It doesn’t matter that the queue will be big and the place buzzing as hell, you will access like a king or queen. Remember to visit our bar crawl Barcelona. As well, without the discount code that we bring to all our guests, it can be pretty expensive. See what else we have the other days of the week in Fucking monday Madrid

Madrid Kapital

How is the Madrid Club 7 Floors


  • The main and biggest floor usually plays Dance Music and House. Ist surrounded by VIP tables where enjoy any brand you prefer. 
  • 1st floor is the ONLY VIP area, it’s called “Le Prive” and there’s nothing more exclusive like this spot in all the club. To be here there is a minimum of 2 bottles of consumption.
  • On the 2nd floor, there’s a Karaoke music studio, an ideal place to cheer, sing and dedicate any kind of song you have in mind.
  • 3rd floor is called “The Box”, where the people can listen and dance Hip Hop music, and from there you can see the main stage.
  • 4th floor, the “Kissing Room”, a special place made by Bombay Sapphire. It’s a cocktail bar with comfortable and chill places and proper music volume that permits fluid conversation.
  • 5th Floor. the people called “The Party Zone”, a floor that plays salsa, reggaeton and Latin commercial music.
  • Right there on the 6th Floor, you will find the  Mojito & Cuba Libre Lounge that specializes in Mojitos.
  • Finally the 7th Floor, the Terrace Lounge Bar & Smoking Area. Ideal to enjoy a summer night looking at the stars in Madrid until you charge energy to continue the party.

kapital club

Why our Pub Crawl goes to Madrid Capital Club 🤔 ?

Because Kapital nightclub Madrid is a massive place with several floors and totally different genres of music in each one. In this 7 floor club in Madrid, you can choose the floor that fits your style. You can spend some time on one floor before changing to a new totally different one.  As in a pub crawl Barcelona, we select the best clubs for you in this experience. The atmosphere is great and usually is extremely busy, ideal to have an enjoyable night overall.

Kapital night in Teatro Kapital Madrid Spain

What sets Kapital apart is its unique concept of multiple themed floors, each with its own music genre and atmosphere. From the vibrant Latin rhythms on the ground floor to the energetic EDM beats on the top floor, there’s something for everyone’s musical taste. The club’s grand architecture and impressive lighting create an immersive experience that captivates partygoers.

“La Kapital Madrid Club” is renowned for hosting some of the best parties and events in Madrid, featuring top-notch DJs, live performances, and special theme nights. The energetic and vibrant atmosphere, combined with a diverse and welcoming crowd, creates an electric environment that keeps guests coming back for more.

To make your Kapital experience even more enjoyable and hassle-free, consider joining our Madrid Pub Crawl. We offer a curated nightlife adventure that often concludes at Kapital, ensuring a smooth entry and exclusive deals. You’ll have the opportunity to explore Madrid’s bar scene, meet fellow party enthusiasts, and revel in the excitement of Kapital with newfound friends. Remember you can also come party on fucking Monday Madrid.

Teatro Kapital Club Madrid | Why come with in our Pub Crawl 🤓 ?

club kapital spain
  • -
  • -
planet club pub crawl madrid
  • From 18€ to 30€ Depending on arrival time
  • Wait from 20 to 30 min in the line to get inside

    - Beer or Sangria 8€ (bottle of Spanish brand 350ml)

    - Glass of Ron, Vodka, Whiskey... + Cola 15€

    - Shisha / Hookah 25€

    - Soft drinks 12€

    - Shots from 5€
  • NO - Annoying Promotores selling really bad deals for Kapital or guestlist that doesnt work as its described.
  • -
  • -
madrid pub crawl planet club
  • Included in our Pub Crawl Madrid
  • Immediate VIP access skipping any line

    - One drink included (Glass of Ron, Vodka, Whiskey... + Cola)

    - If you prefer it we have a soft drink instead of the alcoholic one

    - Welcome shots included
  • YES - Private personal guide taking care and help all the group all night long
  • Visit more places with the same advantages until your body endurance
  • Through this activity you will meet international people since the beginning, facilitating the creation of interesting friendly ties.

Capital Nightclub Madrid | FAQS and interesting questions

Can you wear jeans to Kapital?

Absolutely, you can wear jeans to Kapital bar Madrid. However, the dress code leans towards smart-casual, so pairing your jeans with a stylish top or shirt is recommended. Make sure your Kapital club Madrid dress code look trendy as the club maintains a chic ambiance. And remember, our Madrid Pub Crawl offers a hassle-free entry experience to Kapital, so you can enjoy the night to the fullest.

How do you get to Kapital Madrid?

Getting to Capital night club Madrid is easy. It's centrally located at Calle de Atocha, 125, easily reachable by public transport. You can take the metro Line 1 and get off at Atocha Station, and the club is a short walk away. Alternatively, buses 6, 26, 32, and Circular have stops nearby. With Madrid Pub Crawl, we navigate the city's nightlife together, so you won't need to worry about directions.

How much does it cost to get into Teatro Kapital?

The cost to get into Capital club Madrid Spain varies depending on the event and the time of arrival. Typically, prices range from 25 to 35 Euros and include one or two drinks. By joining our Pub Crawl, you get to enjoy exclusive deals and discounts, making your night at Kapital even more enjoyable.

How old do you have to be to go to Teatro Kapital Madrid?

To go to Teatro Capital Madrid nightclub, you need to be at least 18 years old, which is the legal drinking age in Spain. Remember to carry a valid ID for verification. At Madrid Pub Crawl, we ensure a responsible and exciting night out, creating unforgettable memories while respecting the law.

Is Teatro Kapital good?

Teatro Kapital is an exceptional nightclub. With its seven floors, each offering unique music and atmosphere, it's often seen as a must-visit in Madrid's nightlife. Our pub crawl often includes a stop at Teatro Kapital, allowing you to experience this world-renowned club firsthand.

How do I get a Kapital QR Code?

If you want to get a Kapital club Madrid spain QR code for faster entry or specific events, you should check out the official Teatro Kapital website or their social media pages. If you are part of our Madrid Pub Crawl, we take care of most logistics, allowing you to focus on having fun.

How much does Teatro Kapital cost?

Usually the cost of Kapital nightclub Madrid Spain varies depending on the night and specific events. The average entry fee ranges between 25 to 35 Euros, which usually includes one or two drinks. However, by choosing Madrid Pub Crawl, you get to enjoy exclusive deals, ensuring a fantastic night out in "The Kapital Madrid" without breaking the bank.

Kapital Madrid Spain is located in Calle de Atocha 125 Madrid 28012 📍

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5/5 (1 Review)
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