Madrid christmas parade

Time to see the great and famous Madrid Christmas Parade 2021 – 2022

Does Madrid make a Christmas Parade every year?. Every 5th of January the streets of the main Spanish city get full of life. There are colors in the streets but also sometimes some rain and snow. Above all with hundreds of children and adults who wait patiently to see their majesties pass by Santa. This tradition that began in the nineteenth century, has spread throughout the country. So famous that hundreds of towns and cities have their corresponding cavalcade. If we talk about numbers, only in Asturias 30 cavalcades parade throughout the whole province. In Madrid, there are 24 parades that parade between municipalities, districts and, of course, in the capital itself. Therefore, in the whole country, you can count more than 1,000 horseback rides that go out to the street. All this is in the afternoon of January 5 where the big celebration starts.

The “rides” are parades of colorful floats, full of lights that go through the streets of the city. The sound of music and reminiscent of the Carnival parades is something that you will fin here. They are held in all Spanish locations. In Madrid, there is a large Cabalgata that runs through the streets of the city center. Attended every year by thousands of people in a large party in the square.

In the neighborhoods of the city there are smaller rides but not less beautiful and fun. We see below the date, times and location of the 2022 rides in Madrid.

The Christmas parade in Madrid Spain and three magic Kings of 2022

The largest and most spectacular ride is on January 5, 2022, and will travel through the central streets of Madrid. The Cabalgata 2022 that will accompany the Reyes Magos in Madrid will be full of imagination and creativity. It will be a tribute to the best inventors and scientists of all time. All of them dedicated their lives to making the world better.

Leonardo Da Vinci and his inventions, Marie Curie or Albert Einstein will be in the parade in various ways. There will be nine companies of scenic arts and twelve colorful carriages, then giant puppets. Will be inflatable and illuminated castles, flying artifacts, and other inventions.

The Wise Men of the East arrive by helicopter on the afternoon of Wednesday, January 5, 2022 (around 16:30). Although the highlight is the parade of floats through the streets of the center of the capital and numerous concerts.

Madrid botanical garden Christmas lights

The itinerary starts at 18:30 in Nuevos Ministerios, and ends in Cibeles around 21:00 hours. The main points of the parade are the Plaza Gregorio Marañón, Glorieta Emilio Castelar, Colón and Recoletos. Once the parade is over, the traditional Message of the Three Kings comes, followed by fireworks in the Plaza Cibeles.

In some parts of the route such as the Paseo de la Castellana, the Plaza de Colón, the Paseo de Recoletos and Plaza de Cibeles are installed bleachers and chairs for free access. They open two hours before the start and can be accessed until full capacity.

History of the Madrid Christmas Parade

At least since the 19th century there have been performances with Three Kings as protagonists in various places in Spain. The first representation of the cavalcade, which is the Cavalcade of Three Kings of Alcoy is documented in 1866. Due to circumstances of the time, it was not until 1885 that it was performed continuously until our date. At the end of 19th century, theatrical performances on the arrival and adoration of the Magic were held in Granada. In 1912, Something incredible because sometime before Granada was a Muslim area. The goal was to collect toys and food to give them to the most disadvantaged children.

Seville parade took place from 1918. Nowadays it is a multitudinous and deeply rooted tradition in Spain, where parades are held in practically all the Spanish municipalities. In cities such as Higuera de la Sierra a biblical recreation has been carried out since 1918 and in Santillana del Mar a sacramental car. The Madrid Christmas Parade has a lot of incredible history unknown to most people.

The Madrid Christmas Parade is also seen by thousands of people by Spanish TV channels. There are some places in Spain like Barcelona that consider the parade a serious competition. There are rumors that some people even make bets for large amounts of money. This is done to see which float in the parade will win the best and most beautiful award. Performing parades with shepherds, Romans, camels, bands or regional peculiarities. They usually accompany the Kings, pages, royal postman and even Herod.

About the Christmas festival Madrid 2021 / 2022

  • It is advisable to go to this event hours before to take place and see it in condition.
  • It is also advisable to wear comfortable clothes, prepared for rain and cold.
  • The use of public transport is the best option.
  • Have patience, especially in the final eviction.
  • A good idea for children is to write down a contact phone number and have it carried in their pockets. For quick location in case of loss.
Madrid christmas parade

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