madrid new years eve - what is new year's eve like in madrid

What is the tradition on Madrid new year’s eve? What to do in new years eve in Madrid 2021- 2022

Ready to receive in Madrid the new years eve. The Christmas holidays are an ideal time to experience a new culture. As each city and country has its own set of traditions consecrated by time, gifts, music, etc. If you choose Spain as your holiday destination. However, there’s no chance you won’t finish the year by drinking cava and eating 12 grapes at the sound of the clock’s twelve bells.

So redefine your Christmas holidays this year and spend New Year’s Eve in Madrid Spain with us!

Madrid new years eve 2021 - 2022 | What happens at 12 00 am on new year's day in madrid?

The place where all this should happen is something that everyone should decide best. We suggest you to open the bottle of champagne and celebrate the arrival of the New Year. But make this in your favorite city of Spain as Madrid can be. Once the sun sets, follow the Spaniards to the main squares of each city. Especially those with a watch for the genuine New Year’s Eve experience.

Madrid’s Puerta del Sol is the most famous venue for celebrations. Being the Spanish equivalent of Times Square in New York. For one night, all eyes are on him. While people from all over the country wait to see or hear (on radio, TV, or live) the chimes. First with the four beats that indicate the change of time, and then the essential 12 bells at midnigh. To the beat of which all Spain eats its grapes.

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What strange tradition is common on new year's eve in spain


Before getting into the party that takes place in the main squares of the Spanish cities. Don’t forget your basic elements of New Year’s Eve. The first item on the shopping list, especially if you’re in Madrid, is the costume. Almost everyone wears colored wigs, satirical masks, costumes, costumes, or everything else along. The second is champagne or cava. Uncork your bottle of cava after the twelve bells and toast with everyone. The third and most important element is the twelve grapes. When midnight comes, you must eat them quickly-one for each bell. If you succeed, 12 months of prosperity and good luck await you. Also, imagine how fun it is to look around and see hundreds of people laughing. They are gasping and choking with their mouths full of grapes.

what is the tradition on new year's eve in spain?

We are going to bring you the best tips to enjoy the new years eve in Madrid like a local. First of all, to say goodbye to the year that leaves. Spanish families usually gather for dinner. Then they either gather around the TV for the countdown or go out to the street to celebrate with friends. At this point you should prepare to do what the Spaniards do, drink and eat what they eat.

Where does the tradition of celebrating New Year’s Eve come from?

Everything dates back to 1866, when the clock was installed in the tower of what was then the Post Office, and which currently houses the headquarters of the Presidency of the Community of Madrid. At that time there were many houses where there was no clock to ring the bells, so some people began to approach the Puerta del Sol to hear the twelve bells. And so a tradition was born.

What is the tradition on new year's eve in Madrid Spain

There is also a certain symbolism in this celebration, as this place is the kilometer 0 of all the radial roads that depart from the city of Madrid. There was a date when many more people joined the New Year’s Eve of the Puerta del Sol, the night of 1899, in which the arrival of the new century was also celebrated.

With the arrival of radios in the Madrid homes, attendance at both the Puerta del Sol and other public places decreased, as people preferred to meet and celebrate New Year’s Eve in the privacy of their homes. Why did it become fashionable to celebrate the end of the year under the clock of the Puerta del Sol? Well, once again, the custom came from the United States. Since 1907 the fashion was established to receive the New Year in style, with cotillion included, in New York. This American custom had much repercussion in Spain.

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Plaza del sol Madrid new years eve 2021 - 2022

The Madrid City Council has established a special safety and mobility mechanism to ensure that the rehearsal of the preúvas, this December 30th, and New Year’s Eve run normally.

Special access restrictions will be established for the preúvas and the night of 31st with four pedestrian access filters to the Puerta del Sol, the closing of the entrances to the square three hours before the Bells and traffic cuts in the streets closest to the square.

The access points

Agents of the National Police and the Municipal Police will seize forceful objects, glass, firecrackers or others that they consider potentially dangerous that carry with them all the people who queue to enter the Puerta del Sol.  The installation of fences around the entire square will allow only access to the place, one at a time, through the following streets: the Carrera de San Jerónimo with Victoria Street; Alcalá Street with the Caja de Ahorros passage; Calle Mayor with the Arenal crossing; Arenal street with the crossing of Arenal.

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What is new year's eve like in Madrid

The police will count person to person until the maximum capacity is reached. Access to the Puerta del Sol will be closed at 21:05 hours so that National Police officers can evict those in the plaza at that time, while the four filter points will be opened at 21:30 hours, 30 and 31 December, when the first attendees who intend to enjoy the Bells live will be able to access the square.

In front of Correos street, specifically in Esparteros street with Marqués Viudo de Pontejos, the access point for people with reduced mobility will be located. Remember to buy some days before your tickets for a Madrid new years eve party and a Christmas Party Madrid with friends. The same day it is almost impossible that you will find some space in bars and clubs. All is going to be super full!

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