I’m sorry to say this but if you are reading this it’s because you were looking for a Madrid 5 hour guided pub crawl. At the end of the day, it is the best way to know smooth and nice places. There’s nothing wrong with this. I’m sure that there are more people as well as you looking at this moment for Madrid bars and clubs. What the local people don’t tell you is about this kind of bar crawls because most of the time they don’t know that they exist.

What is a Madrid Guided Pub Crawl About?

Well to really explain, what’s a guided pub crawl is?  you maybe need to go to our magnificent post in this article we explain in details all the points that defined a bar crawl and every type of this nice travel activity, just suppose that is your first time in a beautiful city like “Madrid” you want to discover both the wonders of this and the nightlife but you came alone, you don’t know the city yet a Madrid guided pub crawl fit you in every aspect, you gonna join an amazing group of people that like you want to discover the city nightlife guided by a local that gonna show you and your new friends the best place in downtown Madrid. Take advantage of your Halloween in Madrid with an amazing scare party.

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Some of the Bars and Clubs that we are gonna visit in the pubcrawl

We know the best places for nightlife in Madrid to share and spend a night in style with incomparable drinks. Thanks to our Online store you will have your entries in a comfortable and fast way, as we like. Put on your heels and your best shirt because here our work begins. Enjoy the Guided Madrid pub crawl

Planet Club

Is the place that attracts the masses and people from all around the world.

Room Madrid

The Room Madrid is one of those funky bars with a classy atmosphere.

Espit Chupitos

With a unique recipe with more than 600 original and totally different shots.

Fucking Monday

Is probably the most famous international party in all Spain.

Why to make a guided pub crawl

The answer to this question is really simple. Because it’s the best way to know Madrid nightlife like a local one. Don’t visit the trap tourist places where you will spend a lot of money and there’s gonna be only 10 cats. Don’t get lost in a strange neighborhood that the waiter of the tapas restaurant told you about. Lest being honest, he was in his golden years in the early ’70s.

What are you waiting to subscribe and get access included to the best clubs and bars in the town with drinks included?. You need to be fast, all our tickets sell out really quickly. It’s a real traveler experience to go party with people from different parts of the world.

Take it easy. You don’t need to continue looking on different webpages to find the party that you are looking for. Here we have what you are looking for. Don’t get lost and go really secure. The best bar crawl in Madrid its realized all nights, it doesn’t matter if its winter or summer.

Enjoy your night and pub crawl Madrid hard with our Guided Madrid pub crawl. We celebrate every day even Halloween in Madrid with an amazing Halloween party Madrid.

Important information❗️

Meeting Point: Enbabia Bar, Calle Nuñez de Arce 9, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Start Time : We start the activity at 22:00 from the meeting point (Get there early for a free shot) 🤟
5 to 6 hours
Return Details:
Last place
What Includes:
-Free shot (Early arrival gift for all the people that arrive between 22 to 22:30)
-Free chupitos (shots) in each place we visit throughout the night.
– Special discounts in each place to take any kind of drink, can be a nice cocktail, rums, vodkas, whiskey, etc
Access Included: To 3/4 bars/pubs as well as a nightclub
1-Meeting Point- Free shot
2-First Bar- Free entrance, special discounts and shot
3-Second Bar- Free entrance, special discounts and shot
4-Third Bar-Free entrance, special discounts  and shot
5-Club-Free Entrance  and special discounts

Required Mandatory❗️

ID: Anyone who wants to participate in this activity must carry some means of identification, be it a passport as an identity document, and must be 18+ years of age.
Event Tickets: At the time of making the purchase we will send a receipt as well as a qr code that at the time of starting the activity will be required by the guide of the same.
Dress Code: No one is gonna ask you to come to a gala but many places we visit have a lot of styles and no beach clothing is allowed, it must be casual but well dressed. Sandals, sportswear, tank tops are not allowed.
Attitude: Of course that we are partying and want to have a good time but that does not give the right to ruin the party to another, we ask that all the guide’s instructions be followed, we reserve the right to reject anyone who does not want to follow the rules of fun.🤟

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