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Celebrating saint patrick's day in madrid | where and how to celebrate

As spring progresses, one of our most anticipated events arrives: St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrated every year on March 17, this festival will transport you to Ireland itself with its magnificent atmosphere and great enthusiasm. It’s no surprise but Madrid, along with its unique Spanish style, makes for one of the best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. This city full of bars remembers the Irish motto: “There are only two types of people on earth, those from Ireland and those who want to be from there.”

Let us remember that Saint Patrick, the tutelary saint of Ireland, participated in fundamental Catholic work. He was the one who established the transformation of the island from paganism to Christianity in the 4th century. Today, Ireland ranks as one of the most Catholic countries in the Western world, following Italy and Spain. That is why Saint Patrick’s Day is well celebrated throughout Spain and Madrid could not be the exception.

Of course, Madrid celebrates it as it knows best and that is with marches, food in tapas bars and, above all, a ton of draft beer. For a few years now, Madrid, as one of the most visited cities in the world, has been “greening” more parts of the cities such as Los Angeles, Cibeles, Puerta de Alcalá and the Palace of Communications. But why the use of the color green in this celebration?

Saint Patricks Pub Crawl

Why the green of the St Patrick's Day Party?

That bright green tone so characteristic of drunk little elves and St. Patrick’s Time has not always been like this. At the beginning, Saint Patrick was identified with a blue dress. This color represents the peace and hope of Christianity. However, over time, green elements were added to the clothing until green finally dominated. This color represents the green of the fields throughout Ireland. It is said that where there are green pastures there will be Catholicism. Later this color was incorporated into the flag of Ireland, while orange exemplified Protestants and white meant unity between the two.

Why the clover on the of saint patrick's day?

The three-leaf clover is also one of the main icons of this festival. The number 3 is a number loaded with symbolism. It was used by Saint Patrick to describe the Catholic Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish. This symbolic representation completed an icon related to it, while the rarer four-leaf clover became an icon of all that is best.

Why drink beer on st patrick's day in madrid?

Alcohol consumption plays an important role in the holidays, a practice originated by the leisure of the Lenten norms of the time. Lent was a time of preparation and purification, so it is not strange that before “behaving well” one had to have a wild party. To experience the time of St. Patrick’s Day in Madrid, it is essential to explore an Irish club. Many of the bars are decorated with shamrocks, leprechauns and offer a large amount of draft beer. If you go to a nightclub you will discover that they have a happy, fun atmosphere and ideal for meeting foreigners who come to Spain from Ireland.

PARTY WITH US THIS MARCH. 16-17TH, 10:00PM- 2024 🍾🍀

Bar Crawl, A Mind-blowing and Exciting Themed Party

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4 to 5 Different places with varied type of music for all likes

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Saturday 16th- Sunday 17th March 2024

22:00 - 06:00 am

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St. Patrick Price

Do you think that it’s impossible to know all the trendy pubs and clubs on Saint Patrick Madrid Pub Crawl. Live an authentic Saint Patrick’s party visiting the best bars in the center of Madrid. He drinks a lot of Irish-style beer, he dances he meets international people. This activity will allow you to enjoy this party in a very friendly environment. We will give you many surprises and gifts so that you can have fun as a dwarf on this special day.

Choose your Saint Patrick Madrid Pub Crawl day 2024

Some of the Bars and Clubs that we are gonna visit in our Saint Patrick Madrid Pub Crawl 🍾🎉🎊🍀

Our Saint Patrick Madrid Pub Crawl includes access to the most concurred bars & pubs in the center of Madrid. Huertas neighborhood, Chueca neighborhood, Sol neighborhood.

In these places they’re local people and internationals cheering, speaking and dancing together. Their’s also shots included in each place, special discounts on international and nationals’ drinks. The list can go on so don’t wait more and put on your best shirt and share your outfit on Instagram. You are gonna receive a lot of likes sharing the pictures of this amazing St Patrick’s Pub Crawl Madrid.

If you are new in Madrid, looking to meet new people from all over the world, searching for clubs to go crazy/party hard or just wanna have fun and wild experiences, our upcoming Saint Patrick Madrid Pub Craw is the solution you are looking for!
If you are au-pairs, erasmus, travelers you just can’t miss it- and everybody else of course neither! Let’s introduce you to the crazy Madrid nightlife. Party until sunrise!

Reasons to join us in this SAINT PATRICK MADRID PUB CRAWL 2024:

Important information❗️

Start Point: Street Nuñez de Arce 9(ENBABIA )
Duration: 5 to 6 hours
Return Details: Last Club 
Inclusions: Includes free shots (shots) in each place we visit throughout the night (3/4 bars-pubs and 1 large disco), in our SAINT PATRICK MADRID PUB CRAWL option it also includes open bar beer  1 hour.
Tips : 🤟
Access included: 

🎉# 1 Entry to 4/5 bars-clubs in Central Madrid ( Save up on those entrance fees and skipping all queues) 

🎊# 2 Welcome shot in each bar

🍺# 3 A Special Discount on Beer 

🍻# 4 Amazing Discount on Drinks, National & International Bottles.

🤠# 5 Party Hosts will guide from bar to bar, and make sure you having a great Saint

🕺#6Night Club- Free Entrance

✨# 7 A Professional photographer to capture the scariest moments or romantic one 📸 

Tickets Price:

One day ticket €14.99

Required Mandatory❗️

ID: Anyone who wants to participate in this activity must carry some means of identification, be it a passport as an identity document, and must be 18+ years of age.
Event Tickets: At the time of making the purchase we will send a receipt as well as a qr code that at the time of starting the activity will be required by the guide of the same.
Dress Code: No one is gonna ask you to come to a gala but many places we visit have a lot of styles and no clothing is allowed, it must be casual but well dressed. Sandals, sportswear, tank tops are not allowed.
Attitude: Of course that we are partying and want to have a good time but that does not give the right to ruin the party to another, we ask that all the guide’s instructions be followed, we reserve the right to reject anyone who does not want to follow the rules of fun. Enjoy our pub crawl 🤟

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